Why Us

– The relevant regulations.
– Pre use inspection of lifting equipment, identifying major components of the equipment.
– Pre use inspection of lifting tackle, I.e plate grabs, magnets, suction lifts, eye bolts, shackles, chains, slings ( fibre and steel ).
– How to use the remote control or pendant.
– Dangers of shock loading, point loading, overloading.
– Handling storage and traceability of lifting tackle.
– Planning the lift.
– Position of the operator when moving the load.
– The C of G and how to find it.
– Signalling.
– Identifying the weight of the lift. ( which includes the lifting tackle being used ).
– Where and how to park the crane when not in use.
– What to do once the lift has been completed.
– Dangers of using slings and chains without correct packing to protect them.
– How to identify damaged tackle.