Q. How long does the training take?

A1. For a novice operator (no prior experience)
1 Person 3 days
2 people 4 days
3 people 5 days

A2. For an existing operator (no prior formal training)
1 person 2 days
2 people 2.5 days
3 people 3 days

A3. For refresher operators (Previously trained and tested)
1-3 people 1 day

Q. What is in-house training?

A. In-house training is carried out to the same high standards as an RTITB accredited course but certificates can be issued to the company stating that the employee is certificated to operate their machines on their premises as part of his or her employment. This means the company is the holder of the certificate not the employee.

Q. Do you have a training centre?

A. No, we provide the training on customer premises as the operator will benefit from training in his/her own workplace where we can as a group, identify and discuss any specific hazards.

Q. Why do you only train on company sites?

A. Training centres do not truly reflect the working environment, on-site training incorporates not only “basic operator training” but can and often does include “specific job training” and “familiarisation training”

Q. What is “specific job training”?

A. “Specific job training” captures the specific working environment of the operator; it includes discussing potential hazardous operations/ areas, the different loads an operator might be expected to lift, lower or transport and any other job specifics.

Q. What is “familiarisation training”?

A. “familiarisation training” includes introduction and practical time on the truck along with any attachments that may be fitted that the operator actually uses.

Q. Do the training days of the course need to be consecutive?

A. Ideally for the operators benefit yes, however it’s not essential as gaps are allowed.


Q. How do we find out the availability for the training.

A. for the quickest and latest up to date availability Call Derrick directly on 07729 489 039


All our instructors are RTITB or ITSSAR registered, the training is delivered by us as an independent provider. The training provided is not provided, accredited, approved or endorsed by RTITB